Chakra Yoga and Yantra Yoga: Perfect Yogic Practices for Your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

Yoga is one of the best spiritual practices and healing methods in the present scenario. It was originated in India, and today it is popular throughout the world without any second thought. A number of modern researches have also been conducted on Yoga, which have proved that Yogic practices are capable to eliminate a number of ailments.

Yoga was basically originated as a spiritual practice, but with the passage of time, some postures have been added to it. A number of physical and mental benefits of Yogic practices have come into the picture. Yoga is taught in different countries in the present scenario.

Different types of Yogic practices have been named after their qualities. A number of organizations are providing the advanced yoga training to the people, with the help of which they can get the spiritual, mental and physical benefits. The types of practices, which have been taught by this institute include:

Chakra Yoga
Chakra is a Sanskrit word, which means wheel. It is believed that the human body comprises of some chakras on the subtle level, which control several functions of the body. Chakras are supposed to be the prominent parts of the Hath Yoga. A number of healing methods are popular today in the world, with the help of which you can heal your chakras and can get a good health from every side. The chakras can be healed with the help of some practices, which include:

Asanas: These are the postures and positions of the body.
Kriyas and Mudras: They include the movements with body and breathe for revitalizing glands and organs.
Pranayama: These breathing techniques provide energy to the nervous system. Besides, they bring the power to the glands, organs and various other body functions.
Pratyahara: These are the deep relaxations, which provide the awareness about the inner and outer realms.
Dharna: This is the concentration technique meant for increasing focus, processing information, sharpening & organizing memory, and for empowering imagination.
Dhyana: This is the meditation technique for enhancing the ability to control the mind and to reach the higher awareness.

Yantra Yoga
Yantra Yoga is actually a complex system of mathematics and geometry to assign the values to the forces, which work in the universe. These forces are mapped out as geometrical patterns and mathematical formulas. These patterns are often termed as Yantras. These Yantras are helpful in reaching at the higher level of Yoga.

How to get enrolled in the classes in Yoga institutes
The Yoga institutes are providing its classes at several places. These institutes are located in various countries. You can know about these classes with ease today on the websites of these organizations. 

The websites provide you the brief history of Yoga and render you the complete information regarding the Yogic techniques being practiced in the institutions. Besides, the websites consist of the entire information regarding the programs offered by the institutions. The option of online form is also given for those who are interested in joining the courses of the institution or in getting the information. They can send their queries to the organizations via online form given on the sites. Moreover, the institutions can also be contacted through the phone numbers given on their respective websites.

Martin Rey is an experienced writer who keeps the information about a variety of subjects. He guides his readers about the classes on preliminary and advanced yoga training. You can know about different aspects of this ancient way of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing in his articles. Yantra Yoga is one of the subjects of his expertise.

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